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What We Do

About Us

Our Mission:

FCH is a nonprofit corporation created to develop, construct, and manage affordable housing for San Jose and the greater San Francisco Bay Area.


Since its inception in 1986, FCH has developed housing for over 1700 households, with another 1400 units in the pipeline. We serve low-income populations including individuals, families, senior citizens, and those with special needs like chronic, mental health, and developmental disabilities.


Our apartments’ affordability levels range from 20-60% of the area median income with 90% of FCH residents at 50% or below the median.

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Our Goals









Awards Received

First Community Housing has received several awards from the State of California and its peers; including, Acterra Business Environmental Award, the California Legislature Assembly,  State of California Senate, and U.S. Green Building Council.

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Our Mission:

FCH builds high quality affordable housing that responds to the needs of diverse communities and embraces environmental sustainability.

Our Vision:

That all populations are housed in affordable, healthy, thriving, environmentally sustainable communities.

Our Values:

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