Casa Feliz





Casa Feliz offers 60 affordable SRO units with private bathrooms and on-site parking.   Housing Choices Coalition (HCC) provides Resident Services Coordination to Casa Feliz residents with developmental disabilities, and facilitates communication between these residents and property management, providing one point of contact for the purposes of continuity and comprehensive communication. 

Building Amenities

  • On-site manager & maintenance staff

  • Resident services

  • Laundry facility

  • Computer lab

  • Free Wi-Fi 

  • Free bus passes

Green Features

Healthy living for our tenants starts by giving consideration to indoor air quality. Finishes such as paints, finishes, adhesives, carpets, resilient linoleum flooring that have low volatile compound makeup and low off-gassing properties keep tenants and staff from breathing and absorbing toxic fumes that can otherwise cause harm to their health.


Saving energy lowers operating expenses. This is achieved through insulation, water use, efficient plumbing and electrical fixtures. By having well-insulated and ventilated shell it reduces the amount of energy required to heat and cool the units and helps to improve indoor air quality. Lower energy use equals lower energy costs for the both common areas and for tenants.


The project is a transit oriented development located close to bus stops. In addition, First Community Housing will purchase local transit passes for each resident, providing use throughout Santa Clara County.


The building features a vegetated roof which provides a multiple benefits, such as lowering the heat island effect, filtering rain water, roof insulation and extending the life of the roof itself. The vegetation will be locally grown organic drought-tolerant plants, which filter the rainwater before it goes into the storm drains.

Management: John Stewart Company

Architect: Quigley

Contractor: Branagh Construction
Year Completed: 2007

Casa Feliz

525 S Ninth Street
San Jose, CA 95112

Office: 408-516-4776
Fax: 408-998-8264

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