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For Residents

Our buildings are filled with residents from all walks of life. First Community Housing provides ongoing resources to our community, like Digital and Gardening Literacy curriculum's. Each program is designed to help them grow as a person during their time on our properties. The Digital Literacy classes aim to aid the students with the ever-changing landscape of technology.  First Community Housing’s garden spaces are kept organic (without pesticides) and all gardeners are responsible for maintaining an organic environment. Please have a look around at the progress we’ve made by clicking below.

IMG_6392 copy.jpg

Resident Outcomes:

  • Internet Safety.

  • Google Suite.

  • Personal Data Management.

  • Up-to-date info on the Internet of Things.


Resident Outcomes:

  • How to Plant Fruits and Vegetables. 

  • What to Plant in California.

  • When to Water a Garden.

  • Composting.

FullSizeRender 2.HEIC

Resident Outcomes:

  • College Planning.

  • Financial Resources for Higher Education.

  • Summer Programs.

  • Youth Resources


Resident Outcomes:

  • Benefits of Public Transportation.

  • Cycling Events

  • Reduce Carbon Footprint.

  • VTA FastPass

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