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Kids and Family Resources

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Many academic resources are provided by schools and school districts to help students succeed. You should always check to see what resources might be free and available through the schools and districts. 


College Planning

With the right resources, college is an accessible goal for all students! Although it can be a very confusing process, there are online and in-person resources available to help all students get to college. The links below provide information on the college application process.

Financial Resources for Higher Education


Extra-Curricular Activities

Outside of school, extra-curricular activities can help kids expand skills or provide more information and experiences. Extra-curricular activities don’t have to cost a ton of money, many organizations offer financial aid so that all students can have access to these experiences.

Summer Programs

Summer programs can be a great way to provide an enriching experience for your kids while school is out. Many programs that offer partial or full scholarships for low-income families. The links below are programs that offer financial support.


Fun for the Whole Family

Getting out and creating lasting experiences as a family can help to create memories that last a lifetime! Below are opportunities around the Bay Area that are low-cost or free for families.



Youth Resources
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